Legistracker is your All-in-One User-friendly Legislative Bill Organizer.

We will get straight to the point. Users love us for the ease-of-use in tracking and reporting. With Legistracker bill tracking software you can enjoy worry free management of your client’s bills for the ultimate in lobbying efforts and advocacy across the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota and Georgia. Keep track of progress daily online too with updates straight to your inbox. From grassroots campaigns to major legislation, we’ve got you covered across the state for maximum lobbying impact. This software provides a complete solution for the ultimate ease of organization to monitor all aspects of your chosen legislation online.

Bill Tracking

State Bill Monitoring

With Legistracker you can enjoy peace of mind with easy management options for each of your clients. Track new NC bills, SC bills or GA bills with convenient color categories for status and manage custom reports to give the best information possible to your clients today. While other platforms may require advanced technical knowledge or lengthy setup times, Legistracker can have you tracking any bill you choose in a matter of seconds. For even more convenience you may choose to filter by client or employees too with our intuitive design. From grassroots to major campaigns Legistracker has you covered, you can even export all of your collective bill reports to Excel, Word or PDF format.

Committee Calendar Tracking

Admit it. Tracking committee meeting agendas is a pain. We take away your pain by scanning the committee meeting agendas for bills you are tracking. Our calendar email alert notifies you when a bill gets added to the agenda, a meeting gets rescheduled or cancelled. Your NC, SC, GA tracked bills are highlighted in a clear red font to indicate a meeting you need to attend in one quick glance. Add the meeting to Google or Outlook calendar and you are set. Never miss an important committee meeting you and your clients care about. Ever.

Committee Calendar Meetings

Keyword Notifications

Keyword Notifications

How many times have you missed out on an introduced bill or an amendment which was important for your client? With Legistracker's keyword notifications, be on the offense. Save the most important keywords for your clients and stakeholders. We will scan bill texts of introduced bills, amendments, post committee substitute documents and alert you if we find a keyword of your interest. Never miss out an important bill your client cares about.

Professional Bill Reports (most loved feature!)

Dazzle your clients with professional bill reports. Stand out from your competitors and give your clients an accurate quick picture of tracked state legislation. Pick a report which fits your needs from our custom built suite of professional layouts. Do not like what you see? No problem. Request a new design layout for a report and we will design it for you and your clients. We want to keep you and your clients happy.

Bill Charts

Send Email Reports

Send Email Reports

Which email was sent to your clients? What did you email and on what day? Legistracker is your one-stop-shop for all your bill tracking and communication needs with your clients. We have an email feature integrated in our bill tracking system with elegant styling templates. Attach reports, word documents, excel spreadsheets to the email. Add tracked bills links directly into the email and shoot it off to your clients without any hassles. We keep track of all emails sent in a chronological order.

Client Comments

Engage your clients better. How? With Legistracker, your clients enter comments on tracked bills. They can ask questions or feedback directly to your team. Your team can then view the comments on your Tracked Bills dashboard instantly and respond. Keep your customers in a two-way feedback loop in a professional manner using our service.

Client Bill Access

Bill Analysis

Staff Bill Analysis

Need to send a detailed report to your clients online? Want to send a summary of meetings with representatives to track your advocacy efforts? With Legistracker you can do this easily. Simply choose to add an analysis to the tracked legislation of your choice. Then just copy paste in any text for your bills from the web or other documents. When you have finished the content will automatically be saved into the system with a time and date stamp in chronological order for customers to view whenever they like.

Client Access

Give your clients 24/7 access to tracked legislation for better management lobbying. Legistracker software can help you to generate a unique login for each of your clients. Each bill is displayed to clients in a user friendly format so that any event involving the bill can be seen quickly. The current status and a custom bill analysis included as well for a total legislation management solution you can count on.

Client Access

Track Latest Legislative Bills

Track Latest Bills

Effortlessly track the latest North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Georgia bills in a simple, organized way. View all of the latest bills in their chronological order by their status and dates. Quickly filter legislative bills based on the date they were introduced and add it to your tracking lists.

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