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Why Choose Us?

Stay Organized

Search for bills in North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota and Georgia. Track per client and sort under different categories for better organization. No bills mess or clutter.

Batch Reports

Generate professional client reports in minutes. Choose one of many bill status reports, then export for all clients in one batch by PDF, Excel, Word!

Save Hours in Tracking

Forget about excel sheets, emails to track or monitoring bill statuses. Focus on lobbying by using our incredibly simple and productive bill organizer for NC, SC, SD and GA states.

Targeted Bill Alerts

Be alerted with bill notifications based on Keywords. Never miss out when a new bill or an amendment gets introduced with client-targeted, customizable keywords.

Cut down reporting time.

Bulk client reports

Once you refine the keywords, save them. Legistracker scans all incoming newly introduced bills and amendments in NC, SC and GA states.

We send you email alerts if there is a keyword hit in the language of the bill along with the relevance score. Higher the score, more likely you need to track it!

Instant House & Senate Action Alerts.

Real-time bill status, session and keyword updates

Stay informed with our real-time North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Georgia bill updates directly to your inbox. Be on the offense with instant keyword alerts for the bills your clients care about. Receive North Carolina General Assembly session alerts when session is live, in recess or adjourned. These quick summarized emails keep you and your clients informed on-the-go!

Legistracker is helping our team focus more on government relations with its ease of use and real-time alerting features.

— Callie M., The Southern Group
Bill action and keyword alerts

Happy Customers.

Legistracker is a valuable tool that makes it simple to track, manage, analyze and report on legislation.

— Doug M., President, Public Sector Group

Since my firm and I have begun using Legistracker we have been able to track each bill of interest in record time. This has decreased our workload thereby leaving us with increased productivity. Thank you Legistracker!

— Chris E., Director, Emanuel Group

This has been a wonderful tool for both our company and our clients and cannot say enough good things about the ability to customize to your needs and the quick response time.

— Amber B., Vice President, McguireWoods

The Legistracker platform is one of the best I have seen for keeping a handle on everything going on at the General Assembly. Deepak and his team are always willing to make changes to help us get the best information and stay on top of things.

— Seth P., Director, NC Realtors

Legistracker is one of the best software packages for tracking legislation at the NCGA. I highly recommend for reporting on bills as they move through process.

— Barden C., Associate, Randolph Cloud

Very pleased with this legislative tracking service. Deepak is very responsive to feedback and is always working to improve the user experience. After using other tracking services, I'm glad to be a Legistracker customer.

— Paul M., Grassroots Specialist, NCEMCS

Frequent Questions.

Simple answers to your most common questions.

Legistracker is a state legislative bill tracking service. The service offers a simple and intuitive web interface for you to track bills by client. Generate charts, write customer analysis and email reports based on your schedule. You can access the service conveniently on your desktop, ipads and tablets.

We currently service bills in North Carolina General Assembly, Georgia Assembly, South Carolina General Assembly and South Dakota Legislature. Our service in all four states of NC, SC, GA and SD provides custom tailored features to meet the needs of each state's General Assembly and session.

Upgrade/Downgrade/Cancel anytime. There is no cancellation fee. We want to make sure you are happy with the service. If you are not, we will refund your money, no questions asked. Okay, maybe one or two to know why you are dissatisfied.
  • For any critical technical issues (application unavailability, unable to perform critical business functionality), please call us immediately at 919.589.3085 any day or time. Depending on the severity, our turnaround time will be less than 24 hours.
  • For any non-severe technical issues (minor bugs), please send an email to any day or time. Depending on the severity of the issue, our turnaround time will be between 24 and 48 hours.
Yes, we are always open to hear new suggestions and features to improve the service. So, definitely let us know if there is any functionality you think is missing. We would be happy to check the feasibility and inform you if we can build that feature.
Yes. We offer a free trial for 30 days with all features. During the free trial, you can always reach out to us and ask questions. Also let us know if there is any functionality you think is missing for you to sign up as a customer before the free trial ends. We would be happy to check the feasibility and inform you if we can build that feature. Get started, schedule a 30-minute demo.

Stop tracking. Start lobbying.

Some notes about us.

Legistracker Founder CEO

Legistracker was designed by lobbyists, government affairs coordinators and built by Deepak. As a software engineer, Deepak believes in building software which makes people's lives better and less stressful. He has over 15 years of software development experience. When he is not coding or designing software, Deepak spends time with his two daughters and wife in a local restaurant enjoying a delicacy.


Legistracker Client Relations

Sandy is our customer happiness expert. She loves interacting and engaging customers to find out what is valuable for them. Sandy has an MBA and over 8 years of experience working as a Business Analyst collaborating with end-users. Sandy lives with her husband in Apex, North Carolina.

Contact Us

We know exactly how it feels to wait for a representative to get help or answer a small question. At Legistracker, we are a small local family owned business with 100% one-on-one support as we care about our customers. We have a convenient chat feature within the site and direct access to the software engineer who designed the system. Whether you’ve got questions about tracking your legislation, billing questions, or just need help to get started, we can help. We want to provide the best support to you to allow you to get out there and do what you do best. You can also reach us using email or phone below.

 Raleigh, NC
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